Honorable Mention

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.32.15 PM.png

All rise for the Honorable Maryann Aita! I received an Honorable Mention, and publication, in The Exposition Review's Flash 405 April 2018 Contest judged by poet Edwin Bodney. 

Although I didn't win, I have to say an Honorable Mention feels like it carries more gravitas. It didn't win, but was still worth mentioning--honorably, no less. I am also undisputedly not a loser. More importantly, you can now read my hybrid work, "Lunar Bodies." And it's only 405 words so you can read it between subway stops.

My much less honorable piece, "Rainbow Cookie Down," will be available online later this month in Defenestration, a journal  dedicated to humorous writing. It's also under 500 words, so you can read it in the elevator on your way to work.