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Panel: Applying to Public High Schools in NYC

Maryann will be a featured speaker and panelist at One with NYU's Applying to Public High Schools in New York City on Tuesday, August 23rd. The evening will provide "an overview of the schools, selection criteria, and academic expectations, outline the high school application process, and provide a parent perspective from Beacon High School, one of the top general admission public high schools in the city." 

Maryann will speak about challenges in the transition process from middle school to high school and ways students and parents can prepare for high school academically and emotionally.

Other panelists include Maurice Frumkin, President of NYC Admissions Solutions, who will speak about the admissions process to public high schools, and Kate Ryan, Parent and Executive PA Member at Beacon High School. 

The info session will begin at 7:00 pm in the NYU Kimball Lounge at 246 Greene Street. RSVP to this and other information sessions below.