Maryann has more than a decade of tutoring experience in a variety of subjects. She specializes in test-prep, literacy development, and study skills. She’s worked with 120+ students in elementary school through college. With her subject-area and skills expertise, Maryann excels at tutoring middle-school students with anxiety, ADHD, receptive and expressive language disorders, and other learning barriers. She’s especially adept at motivating young students.


ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, SAT, Hunter College High School Entrance Exam, New York state tests, Regents: English & Math.

Study skills

Executive functioning skills, time management, general homework help.

Experience with students with receptive and expressive language disorders, receptive math disorders, ADHD, and Asperger's.


Academic and creative writing (grades 1 - 12 and college), reading comprehension (grades 1 - 12 and college), math (grades 1 - 10), science (grades 1 - 8), French (1 - 12). 

Non-academic: public speaking.

Tutoring tips blog

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Catherine M., former client

"Maryann tutored my 4th grade daughter, Sophie, in Math and English. Sophie struggled in math and reading, and Maryann was an amazing tutor. She inspired her, encouraged her, and turned homework--something my daughter always viewed as a difficult chore--into something to be proud of. She helped her through the difficult 4th grade tests, and gave her organizational tips that she is still using in middle school. I can only speak of Maryann in superlatives--and so does my daughter!"

The Mama Maven, former client

"My son was reluctant to work with her at first (shyness took over), but he once he sat down with her, he fully engaged." Read more, including a video clip, at TheMamaMaven.com.